Electronic Gaming Group (EGG) is a non-profit trade association that is focused on issues charities conducting electronic gaming in Minnesota encounter.

How EGG helps charities

EGG offers:

  • Education and Training Opportunities
  • Networking and Support for Gambling Managers and Staff
  • Advocating for e-gaming with GCB and MN DOR
  • Lobbying for positive legislative changes for charities who conduct e-gaming

The mission of EGG is to bring those involved in the conduct of electronic gaming in Minnesota together by focusing on education, promotion, and collaboration.

EGG collaborates with distributors, manufacturers, linked bingo providers, and bar owners for the good of all charities in Minnesota involved in electronic gaming.

If you are a current member of EGG and would like to have EGG at an event you are hosting, please contact us. We are happy to help our members with education and training.

Manufacturers, Linked Bingo providers and Distributors are asked to contact EGG if interested in membership.